What types of hotels do we book for our clients?

It’s important to us that we send our travelers to hotels with whom we have a relationship. These hotels are typically 4* and higher. Hotels below 4* can be wonderful options but if Truvay Travel, our colleagues or partners do not have a relationship with the hotel, we do not add valuable insights and amenities to our clients.

If you know the exact hotel and room category you want to confirm, we are happy to book this at no cost and provide the added amenities offered from our partners.

If you would like guidance on best hotel options for you, our research fee begins at $500 for 3 options per destination.

Cancellation Fees?

We dislike cancellation fees as much as anyone!  However if for any reason you decide to cancel the hotel booking, we will charge a $100 cancellation fee to compensate for the work done to book and cancel the trip.

Change Fees?

If your dates or desired room category changes after your initial booking, we will charge a $100 fee to compensate for the work done to book and change the trip.

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