Coaching for executives in luxury travel 

Is the pandemic holding you back in business and life?


I understand the impact the pandemic has had on your life – your career, your family, your income.


There is a way to move forward creating an even better life.


I work with executives and entrepreneurs in the travel industry to help them find the resilience and creativity to rebuild their career into one that is more successful than it was before.

“With Mimi’s encouragement and help, I increased the fees I charged my clients and the value I provide. I just charged a client way more than I would have before.  My entire family thought I was nuts. The client just accepted.  I wouldn’t have had the confidence without her.”

“The results I achieved working with Mimi were beyond what I was expecting. Her coaching was incredibly powerful to help me create a schedule that I originally thought was impossible.”

I get to know you – where you are now and where you want to go.  If you have a dream result you are looking for in your career or life, I will help you uncover the steps you need to achieve it.

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