Dear traveler – we get you

You have a desire to explore new destinations. You have a family that loves to be active, experience new cultures, enjoy delicious foods and meet fascinating people. You are ready for a vacation planning process that not only makes your life easier, but also more fun.  

We’ve got your back. We help people who love to travel plan unforgettable, customized adventures throughout the US and the world.

How we help you plan a worry-free, one-of-a-kind vacation

Step 1
Book a Fit meeting

Initial complimentary meeting or call to discover more about your prior travels, desires for this upcoming trip, answer your questions and see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Step 2
Schedule a Deep Dive Call

If we decide to work together, during our Deep Dive Call we will talk all about your family and/or travel partners.  We will focus on eight key questions that help us get to know you, what you love to do and how you like to travel.  One of our goals is to find out what types of experiences create peak moments for you – those moments that stay ingrained in your memories forever.


Step 3
Customize itinerary

We combine the details from our talk with our knowledge & connections to create a customized itinerary, often with options. And then we collaborate with you to refine the itinerary until it’s perfect for you and we give you a quote for your trip.

If you select a hotel that is one of our partners, we also share with you the perks and amenities that are included in your stay.

Step 4
Book travel

We sprinkle in other fun things – ideas for restaurants, spas, yoga studios and workout class recommendations or even a professional photographer for almost any destination in the world.

Now is your time to relax and enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming trip!

Our services

Each traveler is unique and wants different levels of design and support. When we first talk we will discuss what specific ideas and dreams you have for your next adventure.  We are dedicated to you being delighted with our services and rely on your referrals for our continued growth and success. Our recommendations are always based on our sincere belief in what will be the best experience for you.


Complete custom travel planning and booking. You will receive special benefits and upgrades through our preferred partnerships. With advance planning we can secure you the most favorable rates and access to experiences tailored to your interests and desires.

Each trip varies, and on average, we spend about 20-40 hours working on a trip from initial discussion through to the day of departure…even more if we are needed for any reason during travel.


Hotel or expedition cruise only bookings for clients who know their specific travel arrangements. We will handle the booking details, while you receive upgrades, perks and amenities you wouldn’t receive on your own. This service is complimentary for our existing clients. Bookings for new clients are possible on a case by case basis. Please see additional details here.


To design the perfect itinerary for you begins with a deposit of $1000 for a week-long family vacation, but may vary for certain types of travel*.  For customized journeys, we pass along net industry rates to you, which may be up to a 20% discount, and our fee for design and management of the travel is 25% of the net cost of the services arranged. This fee is due at the time of initial deposit paid to confirm travel arrangements. Whenever possible we work with net, transparent pricing so that our clients are fully informed of the components of their trip cost. For direct hotel bookings and retail travel products, our compensation is usually paid by the hotel, expedition cruise line or tour company, through the commission that is built into the price.

Once you are ready to move forward with the itinerary design process and pay the deposit, this is our commitment to each other that we are going to make time to work on your trip and you are ready to move forward. From here, we will take the notes from our conversation and begin to map out your itinerary. Our first task will be identifying the best partners and accommodations for your travel style and budget.


Additional advisory fees will be dependent on the level of detailed help you would like. These fees will always be communicated up front, and if you change gears during the process we will be clear in advance about any additional fees. All advisory fees are non-refundable and additional fees will be charged when the proposal is delivered, regardless of whether a trip is booked with us. Our fee structure is in place to assist with the time spent covering the research, proposal and bookings and delivering amazing client service.


Sometimes planning at the last minute is unavoidable. We want to help but due to our scheduling and often limited availability of hotels and guides, we are able to plan last minute trips on a case by case basis for existing clients only. For trips planned to peak destinations with availability constraints, the initial fee will begin at $2000.

More questions? Check out our FAQs.

Truvay Travel’s promise to our clients

To listen closely to your ideas, dreams & desires for your vacation

To find the best suppliers for your style, level of luxury & budget

To be here when you need us

To elevate your overall travel experience from start to finish

Let's connect to discuss your dream vacation.

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