Question: What is a flotilla?
Answer: A floating party of fun!

Technically, a flotilla is a fleet of boats. Practically, it’s one of the most fun, active, adventurous ways to spend a family vacation.

Full disclosure: I’ve never gone on a flotilla. At least, not yet. It’s been on my bucket list ever since the first time we chartered a catamaran for a family vacation in Phuket, Thailand. I love movement and going new places. A catamaran charter or flotilla is the perfect way to do that. Each day you may wake up in one place, venture to another, and anchor off another. It’s both fun and relaxing.

The benefits of a flotilla overlap with those of a single-family charter. Check out my other article for more details on the benefits of chartering a catamaran for your family vacation.  However, a flotilla brings even more variety and fun for you, your kids and friends. Individual boats often have similar amenities, and they also have features which are more unique to a particular rental. For example, one boat may be stocked with kneeboards, waterskies, SUP boards, and fishing gear while another has tubes, floating lily pads, kayaks and another has a jet ski or even a 6 passenger jumbo flamingo floatie!

TIP: You don’t need duplicates of each water toy. Look for a combination of boats that have different extras so you can share as you hop from one boat to another.
With a flotilla, you can serve the kids/teens dinner on one boat and the adults on another. Then, the next night, you can combine groups for a multi-family dinner or have dinner with just your family. Sleepovers are easy, too. The variety is limitless.

Imagine the fun of a floating vacation – for your family’s spring break, a multigenerational trip or with couples for a big birthday celebration!

With my partnerships at charter companies in destinations all over the world, I will help you plan an amazing trip!  Email me at to explore options for your family and friends.

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