Lawson and I share a love of chartering boats – for a family vacation, with a group of friends or as indulgent couple’s getaway.

Check out the highlights below and then watch the show or listen to the podcast.

Our favorite destinations include:

  • Europe
    • Croatia
    • Greece
    • Turkey
    • Italy
  •  Caribbean
    • BVIs
    • Bahamas
    • St. Lucia to Grenada
  • Exotics
    • San Blas
    • Thailand
    • Tahiti

The price of a charter is dependent upon:

  • The boat – its size, age, types of toys, number of staff
  • The season
  • The location
  • Whether it’s a sailing boat or a power yacht.

Sailing boats are typically all-inclusive of food, drinks, fuel etc.  Power yachts have a different pricing structure.  Their standard price does not include those items – they are typically based on consumption.

OTT (Over The Top)

  • It’s easy to go OTT on a yacht charter.  “Someone always has a bigger boat.”  Go bigger, have more toys, do a flotilla.  The sky is the limit!

Listen to the show to learn about the top factors to consider for your first boat charter, variables that effect pricing and how to decide between a monohull (sailboat), catamaran or motor yacht.

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