Podcast conversation with Eva Saringala, Eclectic Greece.

I knew before our show started today that likely this would be my longest show to date. I just didn’t know how long. We finished in 1 hour 22 minutes! Eva and I love to talk about travel experiences, so it was no surprise that we went on for so long. Eva is amazing. The two of us share a love of being creative and coming up with over the top ideas for our clients.

Today we talked about many of Eva’s favorite places, the best beach clubs and new hotels and of course OTT and OTBP places and experiences. I’ve listed a few highlights below, but if you are thinking of a trip to Greece, I suggest you set aside the time and watch the show – there were so many more!

  • The food is amazing so take advantage of experiencing a culinary adventure – ranging from cooking classes with a true Greek family to food tours with 7-10 stops (tip: go with an empty stomach)
  • For those who love seeing wildlife go to Caretta Caretta to experience swimming near sea turtles
  • There are 18 UNESCO world heritage sites, giving you plenty of historical sites to choose from
  • Visit the Blue Caves of Zakynthos (tip: go early or late in the day for the best light)
  • A favorite active adventure – hike 10 miles through Samaria Gorge
  • Santorini isn’t super family friendly with many hotels 16+
  • OMMA Santorini is the best hotel for families
  • The hottest of the hot beach clubs in Santorini – Skorpios
  • Biggest pool in Santorini – Adronis Arcadia
  • Best sunset patios in Santorini – Canaves Epitome and Adronis Arcadia
  • The Acroplis Museum is a must. Enjoy walking over glass floors on your way in the museum, looking down to see the ruins that were discovered when the museum was being excavated


  • Meteora – near where Eva grew up. Stunning vistas with monasteries built into cliffs, similar to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan
  • Cheese making – begin by milking goats with a shepherd then participate in making the cheese while listening to traditional Greek musical instruments and ending with a lovely meal and Greek wine


  • If you are celebrating a big milestone with up to 20 friends, rent villa Porto Heli, owned by Amanzoe and OTT fabulous. Their staff to guest ratio is over 1:1.
  • Another incredible experience for a family or group of friends – take a boat to a deserted island for a boho-chic, chef prepared meal of the freshest seafood, while you enjoy great music, delicious wine and the sand all to yourselves
  • There are no island to island flights. To get from one to another, taking the ferry is the most common option. However, most hotels in Santorini and Mykonos have their own helipads or are near a helipad. If you’re looking for a splashier transfer, opt for the heli.
  • The two best suites in Athens both have incredible views of the Acropolis, but they are a bit different. One is the King George (more traditional, formal style) and the other, Perianth (slightly younger crowd, in the midst of the trendy neighborhood with nightlife, restaurants and cafes). King George’s has its own rooftop pool and Perianth has both a pool and a jacuzzi.

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