Podcast conversation with Mike Bloomquist.

Mike shared so much helpful information to demystify what renting an RV entails. We talked about the reasons people rent RVs – from college visits to National Park tours to sporting events to wanting a comfortable way to travel with furry friends.

He shared lots of photos of what RVs look like inside and out. Many of them have fireplaces, washers and dryers, and full-size refrigerators!

He gave us the rundown on self-driving or having a driver and explained many of the extra benefits of a driver, who is really more of a concierge, helping you throughout the trip. The driver will often tow an extra vehicle and drop you off at places where it’s difficult to park or there might not be any parking.

We learned the differences between Class A, B, and C RVs and whether or not you need a special permit to drive one.

He shared his favorite apps, including those that tell you how to avoid tunnels and overpasses.

He mentioned one of the most lux RV parks with very high standards (they need a year/model and/or a photo before they’ll let you make a reservation) is the Motorcoach Country Club in Palm Springs. No Clark Griswalds allowed. If you are in an OTT (over the top) Rock Star Bus, they’ll likely let you in.

He also gave a good general rule of thumb for how much longer to expect traveling by RV – what may normally be a 7 hour trip – plan for 8 ½+ hours.

For those of you who may be intimidated by RV travel, this is a great episode to watch. You don’t have to dive in fully on your first trip – consider renting one for a few days at the beginning or end of another trip to test it out. It’s a bit like a yacht charter or cruise, consider adding on a pre/post stay to make the experience even more unique. (My recommendation – do the RV trip first and then finish off at a lovely resort or ranch).

See a map of the top luxury RV resorts in the USA here: https://truvaytravel.com/maps/

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