Conversation podcast with Val Kalliecharan.

Val and I covered the T&C – from Provo to the outer cays. He clued us in on where the cruise ships come in (and how to avoid the crowds), how the islands differ, and many of his favorite places. I had fun reminiscing about my visit there last week and shared my favorite places. Val and I then talked about all the fun and active adventures you can have while on the T&C and threw in a few relaxing ones too. Here are a few favorites:

Anything to do on, in, over, below the water:

  • Scuba, snuba, snorkel to see eagle rays, dolphins, whales, and more
  • Kiteboarding
  • Wind Foiling
  • Mini-powered catamarans
  • Horseback riding in the water
  • Cliff jumping on West Caicos
  • Hiking on Middle Caicos
  • Kayaking through the mangroves
  • Mangrove Cay
  • Bonefishing and deep-sea fishing
  • Freediving for lobsters


  • Spa
  • Beach walks and picnics


  • Well known for world-class dining on the Provo circuit
  • Private beach dinners – feet in the sand
  • Caribbean/Island style beach local restaurants, meet the owner, listen to live reggae music, dance the night away
  • Private chefs
  • Caribbean fusion cooking classes

Fascinating people

  • Specific guides who are highly trained in ecology, environment, nautical, flora/fauna, bonefishing etc.
  • Guides that grew up from toddlers fishing in South Caicos
  • David Bowen, a local storyteller, health & wellness expert, master yoga instructor, cultural ambassador

Puppy rescue – a fun addition for anyone with kids who love puppies. WARNING you may want to take one home.


Here are some of our favorite hotels:

Hidden gems

Villas (fully staffed with incredibly creative/talented chefs)

  • Within resorts
  • Independent

New Hotels


  • 80 ft luxury yacht fully loaded with jet skis, boat tender, top-shelf everything, gourmet food, DJ, chef, etc
  • Villas – the top ones are truly OTT in views, size, amenities, and service – having everything you could imagine and more


If you are considering a visit over the winter holidays or Presidents’ day – definitely book 6-12 months in advance to have the best options.

If you are up for a move halfway through your visit, consider a split stay – either combining Grace Bay with Long Bay or Provo with an outer island.

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