Podcast conversation with Sarah Ranfone.

Sarah lives in Santiago and has a lot of knowledge about Chile and particularly the areas surrounding the Tierra hotels in Atacama, Patagonia, and Chile.

Chile is an amazing destination to explore, be active and a bit adventurous, immerse yourself in the culture, enjoy incredible food and delicious Chilean wines.

There are so many ways to be active – hiking, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, parapenting, walking the beaches, fishing, surfing. And if you are a skier coming in winter – incredible ski destinations like Ski Portillo, open late June through September in the Chilean Andes.

Consider horseback riding with a gaucho who can tell you all about his family’s history and the local culture. And enjoy daily conversations with the lodge guides to map out your adventures.

If you are looking to relax after your active days, spend time in a spa, natural hot springs, floating in the Cejar Lagoon, or simply enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

A few off the beaten path ideas – visit an observatory in the dark sky preserve or take the “Road to the End of the World” to the very south of Patagonia. If you want to have an over the top adventure consider a helicopter ride or hot air balloons over some stunning scenery.

Sarah and I talked about the three Tierra hotels in Atacama, Patagonia, and Chile, as well as the Awasi and Explora hotels. We also touched on a favorite hotel in Santiago – the Singular (which also has a great rooftop). There are more gorgeous hotels – &Beyond Vira Via, Ecocamp (a fun unconventional option that is dome-like), Barraco Lodge, and many others.

The spring and fall are great times to visit – wine harvests in the fall and wildlife babies in the spring, also more consistent weather in Patagonia.

Sarah shared that she loves Barrio Italia – a cool, bohemian neighborhood that is fun to explore on the weekends when they close the main street, local bands play and shops bring their products outside. Casa Luz is a great option if you are looking for fine dining – their inside patio is lovely and they occasionally have tasting menus that they pair with local wineries. And for a local place to buy truly delicious bread, visit La Popular for fresh loaves and croissants.

If you can, give yourself two weeks to visit Chile – which would give you enough time for the long flights as well as visiting three different regions and a few days exploring Santiago. From Santiago, consider a day trip to the beach or to a local vineyard. If you can fit it in a side trip to Easter Island to see the 800+ Moai, give yourself a few extra days for the round trip.

Overall, Chile is an ideal destination for active travelers with an adventurous spirit!

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