Podcast conversation with Dylan Harriss.

Dylan is a wealth of information on Rwanda. He’s been on 9 gorilla treks of his own and is my go-to resource for on the ground expertise. We talked about the incredible strides the country has made since the 1994 genocide, which decimated the population and the wildlife. We touched on how gorilla trekking in Rwanda compares with Uganda. Rwanda, like Botswana is carrying out their vision of low-impact, high-yield tourism. Much of the money you pay for safari contributes directly to these rebuilding efforts and the communities, reforestation and wildlife have all been growing.

Note that the gorilla treks in Rwanda aren’t your average driving Jeep safari. They can involve hours of hiking up steep slopes through the jungle. If you are looking for an active experience, you will find it here.


  • Gorilla trekking

– What’s the day like?

– Permits have to be booked well in advance, as a finite number are issued per day. $1500/pp

– Min age – 15

  • More wildlife – chimpanzees, hippos, rhinos, zebras, giraffes
  • Canopy Walkway in Nyungwe Forest NP
  • Lake Kivu
  • Mountain biking and archery, cultural interactions – walking through the villages, basket weaving, and coffee tasting

CAMPS Volcanoes NP


  • The Virunya Helicopter – option for those with limited to mobility to go on a trek!
  • Fly into Kigali
  • Easiest to combine with Tanzania and Kenya, but S. Africa is also possible
  • Gorilla trekking is an active trek at altitude – be physically prepared
  • Malaria pills may be required
  • Avoid the months of the rainy season


  • Heli transfers to save driving time and see spectacular scenery
  • Privatizing a gorilla trek
  • Book 2 days of gorilla trekking (you’ve come so far!)

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