Podcast conversation with Hannah Lawnik.

Hannah answered so many questions about going on a Backroads trip. I learned many new things, including one of Backroads expressions is “get dirty by day and live large by night.” Sounds fun!

  • How much time is on your own vs with the group?
  • How much moving from hotel to hotel do you do?
  • Can you upgrade to a suite at a hotel if you’d like?

We also talked about how to choose the best trip for you. Based on a variety of factors: Destination


  • Age of kids
  • Activity/difficulty level
  • Activity type:

– Biking

– Multi adventure

– Hiking

  • Hotel type – casual vs premier


  • Weekend getaways
  • Most trips are 6 day/5 nights
  • Safaris, cruises, and Asia tend to be 8 day/7 night

Typically if you have a group of 8+ people the cost of doing a private trip is about the same as if you went on a group trip. It’s a great idea for a multigenerational family or group of friends.

Hannah and I have a shared love of the outdoors and both love sending families out West, to Spain and Costa Rica. We talked about a few of Hannah’s favorite itineraries for families with older kids in these destinations:

Glacier National Park Multi-Adventure Casual Hotels

  • Bike
  • Hike
  • Raft the Flathead River
  • Swim in the chilly waters
  • Including experiencing the “Going to the Sun Road”

Mallorca Multi-Adventure trip

  • Bike
  • Kayak
  • Hike
  • Snorkel
  • SUP
  • Swim
  • Visit caves
  • Go on zodiac rides
  • Rock climbing

Costa Rica Multi Adventure Premiere

  • White water raft
  • Hike to waterfalls
  • Bike o Kayak
  • SUP
  • Surf
  • Zipline
  • Yoga class
  • Soak in thermal pools
  • Cooking class

Hannah’s favorite off the beaten path trips include Bavaria & Tyrol Multi Adventure, Israel & Jordan Hiking Trip, Oman Hiking and Vietnam.


If you are thinking about a Backroads trip, it’s a great opportunity to see even more of a country when you plan a pre or post stay. Often the trips start and end in different cities, so you can even do both. It’s a great idea to work with your travel advisor to select the best Backroads trip for your family and to add on even more fun before and after the trip.

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