Podcast conversation with Steve Wilson.

Steve and I both love helping people plan one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Our similarities don’t end there. During our talk, we both recognized our shared love of complicated itineraries (to plan sabbaticals that’s kind of a given), Latin America, and diving deep into our clients’ motivations for their time away.

We both ensure a traveler’s experience is planned intentionally and thoughtfully – seeking to balance contrasting experiences, designing an ideal pace of travel for them and their families, and ensuring what they want out of the experience is achieved.

Our conversation was a fun mix of what to think about when planning a sabbatical and reminiscing about our own experiences on sabbatical.

We mentioned two books that we have each enjoyed about sabbatical experiences. I’ve read Charlie’s, he’s read Geoff’s. I plan to read Geoff’s. They are both humorous encounters and highly entertaining to read!

We Came We Saw We Left by Charles Wheelan In Search of Nice Americans by Geoff Steward.

We talked about the types of companies that promote sabbaticals – like law firms, accounting firms, and other professional service firms. Also more progressive companies and tech firms. A few examples: @deloitte, @pwc, @accenture @goldmansachs @Shook Hardy & Bacon @Holland & Hart LLP @patagonia @nordstrom @stonyfield was one of the first companies to offer a generous sabbatical policy.

For companies interested in exploring sabbatical leave, click here.

For anyone looking to look into more details on sabbaticals, check out my friend, DJ DiDonna’s site here.

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