Podcast conversation with Cristina Consuegra.

Colombia is colorful – the culture, the fashion, the food, and the lifestyle. Cristina gave us a wonderful introduction to the culture of her beautiful and lively country.

Here are some of the things you have to look forward to on a visit:

Colombia has diverse regions:

  • Caribbean Coast
  • Andes Mountains
  • Los Llanos plains
  • Pacific Coast
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Amazon Rainforest

Active experiences abound:

  • Afternoon biking or trekking in ARVI park, and take the innovative gondola system back to the city with beautiful views of Medellin.
  • In the Coffee Region go trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking
  • In Cartagena go kayaking at sunset along Cartagena’s bays. Take salsa classes with local dancer.
  • On your boat, out to the Rosario Islands go snorkeling, SUP, kayak, or scuba dive.
  • In Los Llanos go horseback riding along the savannahs and sandbanks of the river. Head out in a canoe in search of pink river dolphins or go fishing on Cravo Sur river,
  • In the Sierra Nevada go trekking in search of waterfalls in the cloud forest and finish the day with sundowners overlooking the ocean. Definitely plan a visit to see the colors of Caño Cristales if it’s the right season.
  • In Barichara trek along ancient paths to the colonial town of Guane, go sunset horseback riding or biking along the Andes mountains.
  • Enjoy seeing some of the beautiful wildlife of this country – over 600 species of colorful birds, fun capybaras, giant ant eaters, pumas, and jaguars. If you are on the Pacific Coast during July to October, take a boat out to see the humpback whales.
  • For an OTT experience, take a helicopter to Guatape and rent a villa on the lake for the day. Take a hike up the 649 steps of La Piedra then return to your villa for a spectacular picnic, kayaking, SUPing, and jetskiing.
  • If you have soccer fans, take in a professional futbol game.
  • Those looking for even more adventure, head to Barichara’s Chicamocha Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, and go white water rafting in level 3 rapids, paragliding, rock climbing, zip lining, or rappelling down waterfalls along the 2,000-meter deep canyon.

Those looking for a tasty culinary scene consider:

  • Plan a gourmet picnic lunch in the Cocora Valley or where the river meets the ocean in Tayrona
  • Host a private dinner with the chefs of Celele
  • Stroll through a local market with a chef – then make empanadas, arepas or other tasty treats
  • Explore the coffee region – visit the cacao plantation to learn about the harvesting process, and enjoy a chocolate-making workshop
  • Sample Caribbean street food and exotic fruits, enjoy a rum tasting
  • Dinner at El Chato, ranked #6 in Latin America’s Top 50 Restaurants
  • Dine at El Cielo by Juan Manuel Barrientos, the first Colombian chef to get a Michelin star
  • Go restaurant hopping with a local foodie

Seeking culture:

  • In Medellin learn about the social and cultural transformation this city has undergone, from the most dangerous to the most innovative city in the world. Meet fascinating locals, check-out cool street art and visit a collective of creative street dancers and musicians
  • In Cartagena take a workshop with a renowned street artist or simply wander the streets of the historic centre
  • In Los Llanos – spend the morning with the local llanero cowboys, End the day with a traditional parrandollanero (llanero party) with live music and dinner around a bonfire
  • In Barichara visit the ateliers and workshops of local artisans
  • On the Pacific Coast visit indigenous tribes and small fishing villages

Seeking fashion:

  • Stylish designers are everywhere – Chiqui House Boutique, Cano, Ketty Tinococ, St Dom, Maygel Coronel, Silvia Tcherassi, Johanna Ortiz

Seeking art:

  • Visit the Botero Museum, home of the personal collection of Maestro Fernando Botero and the many modern art museums

Fascinating people:

  • Meet historians to art curators, chefs, biologists, artists, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Visit some of the most popular cafes, rooftops, music venues. Here is a favorite in each city:


  • In Cartagena – Celele
  • In Medellin – Carmen XO
  • In Bogota – Andrés


  • Cartagena – Alquimico Bar
  • Medellin – Marquee Hotel
  • Medellin – El Cielo


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