Truvay Travel, a Hanover based travel design company that focuses on active, immersive luxury vacations around the world, is hiring a part-time travel coordinator.  This is a remote position, but being located in the Upper Valley is a plus.  Please see job description below.   If you are interested please send me an email at

About the job

In this role you’ll be responsible for focusing on the needs of our clients and the processes we have to support creating incredible trips.  This will entail ensuring our travelers’ itineraries are comprehensive and detailed – quality control is essential.  You will also do research, create social media posts and support the Adventures in Luxury Travel podcast.  Overall you will contribute to making sure our clients enjoy trips of a lifetime…while also enjoying what you do!


  • Create and proofread final itineraries for clients – making them bulletproof (so the client has no unanswered questions)
  • Send VIP emails
  • Research and create pre-travel documents like destination city guides and maps
  • Follow up with thank yous and share feedback with our partners after client travel
  • Assist with live video webcast/podcast – Adventures in Luxury Travel
    • Schedule upcoming guests
    • Create weekly webpages for latest podcast episode
  • Social Media – create posts/videos with a focus on inspiration and adding value
  • Expense reporting – maintain monthly spreadsheet and supporting documentation of staff travel expenses

You would be amazing for this position if you are: 

  • HIGHLY detail oriented – creating high quality itineraries. Suppliers often forget small details. It’s our job to catch those before the client even gets the itinerary.
  • Background in the travel industry is not required, but a passion for travel and a curiosity to explore the world is essential in this role.
  • Talent for maintaining order while handling many projects.
  • Tend to get a little anxious about getting things right, but you don’t become a completely dysfunctional mess with failure and feedback.
  • Quick learner, flexible with availability, organized.
  • Direct, and appreciate being communicated with directly.
  • Able to manage stressful situations without getting ruffled.
  • Have excellent English communication skills – both over the phone and written.
  • Have integrity and honesty and be able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.
  • Tech savvy and willing to learn new applications
  • You and I should get along well and have fun!

Growth Opportunities

  • This truly depends on the candidate, their skill level, and their interests


  • The Travel Coordinator provides part-time support (15-20 hours/week with potential for growth to full time) to Truvay Travel, in a remote environment.  Compensation will be commensurate with experience with performance bonuses for exceptional work.  Range is $18-25/hour.  Potential for growth in hours, responsibility and compensation.
  • Flexible schedule – work from home, a coffee shop, wherever! As long as you’re putting in the hours and getting high quality work done, it doesn’t matter to us (so long as you’re available for calls when we schedule).
  • Discover the world – experience the travel industry firsthand and quite literally spend your working hours learning about the world.

Our Values

  1. Passionate. About our clients. About travel. About life
  2. Open minded. Insatiably curious about new people, places
  3. There is always a way. Be relentlessly resourceful
  4. Integrity. Do the right thing even when it’s hard
  5. Gracious.  To all – clients, colleagues, suppliers

At Truvay Travel, we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage individuals of all identities to apply.

Do you feel that you are the perfect person for this position? Please apply now!

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