Podcast conversation with Mike Overcast.

It’s no secret. I am in love with via ferratas and I am in love with Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, which also happens to have the one and only via ferrata in all of Alaska.

I smiled through this whole episode with Mike talking about our family’s incredible experience at Tordrillo last summer and sharing lots of great insights about what your family’s trip to Tordrillo would be like.

Tordillo is both a summer and winter destination.

Summertime is dominated by:

Activities at the lodge:

  • SUP
  • Canoe, kayak
  • Wakeboard, waterski, wakesurf
  • Efoil
  • Snorkel/SUP w salmon

Heli activities:

  • ***Via ferrata
  • Fishing
  • White water rafting
  • Glacier hiking
  • Heli flight tours • bear viewing

There are 2 winter seasons:

  • Feb-Apr: heliskiing
  • June: kings & corn (helifishing and heliskiing)

At the lodge there are many activities to indulge in luxuriating:

  • Sauna, jacuzzi
  • Firepit
  • Fitness room, daily stretching class
  • Daily massage
  • Reading in the main family room


Tordillo’s chef makes meals into masterpieces. Working with local produce, fresh halibut and salmon, wagyu beef and also being accommodating to vegetarians with buttery mushrooms and cauliflower steaks.

One of my favorite aspects of Tordrillo is the communal table with guests, guides and pilots all sitting down to breakfast and dinner together. In the morning the conversation centers around all the adventures in store for the day and in the evening lots of recounting tales from that day’s experiences.

Another favorite part of a stay at Tordrillo is the guides. They are hands down amazing. Experienced, safe, engaging, knowledgeable. The best in the business.

What else did I love? Going out on an SUP at 9:30p at night because it’s light out until after 10p. The impromptu activities like learning to tie flies with Jeremy, who is by all accounts from fly tying Alaskan royalty.

If you ask my teenagers, they may say they never need to vacation anywhere else if we would just take them back to Tordrillo every year. That is the mark of a truly amazing experience. One that I highly encourage for any other family out there. If you consider yourself adventurous-100%. But even if you don’t. If you (or your kids) have a glimmer of adventure inside, get yourself to Tordrillo.

The beauty of booking a stay at Tordrillo with Truvay Travel is that #1 it costs you nothing extra and #2 as a special, exclusive offer, if you mention you heard about it on the podcast, each member of your party will get a visit to their famous shwag room to pick out a ¼ zip pullover, trucker hat or something similar. Everyone loves schwag and Tordrillo’s is top notch. In fact everything about Tordrillo is top notch.

If you’d like to read more about Tordrillo, read HERE!

If you’d like to see some incredible videos, including our epic heli ride home from the via ferrata and what it’s like to learn efoil, go HERE!


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