Some of my clients have a budget and some don’t.  Either way, I am often asked a version of these questions… “About how much does a trip to ___ cost?” or “Is my budget big enough to work with you?”

I work with clients with a range of budgets. I typically choose to work with new clients more based on the person, the type of traveler they are and what they want to do vs. solely based on budget.  I love being creative and love working with people who are looking to do things differently than the typical trip.

My answer to the question about costs is always “It depends.”  There are so many factors that influence the price of a custom trip. It’s also a matter of expectations – having “champagne taste on a beer budget” is more of an issue than simply a modest budget with modest tastes.

Some of the bigger items to think about from the beginning:

  1. Seasonality – during the winter holidays/New Years or prime season for your particular destination vs. shoulder or low season
  2. Number of people
  3. Duration of your trip
  4. International airfare

In addition to the above, there are three main components of a custom trip:

  1. Accommodations
    • Type of accommodation – 5*, 4* or boutique hotel, apartment, home/villa rental
    • Level of room within the accommodation – entry level to presidential suite
  2. Experiences – frequency of:
    • Free time on your own
    • Half day guided experiences
    • Full day guided experiences
    • Exclusive access to private places or behind the scenes access
  3. Logistics/transportation
    1. VIP meet and greet at the airport
    2. Private transfers
    3. Hopping in a taxi or on the metro, taking the train or renting a car
    4. OTT – private charters or helicopters

I recently learned about a chart giving guidance for prices to travel in different countries around the world.  Rates are approximate per person rates, based on double occupancy, with hotels and activities but without transportation. The numbers were based on prices from March 2021, and I’ve added 10% to them to better reflect more current prices in 2023.

As with all averages, there is a range.  These charts are simply meant to give you some upfront guidance.  With the caveat that each trip is unique, based on the current prices we are seeing, a good estimate for a week-long European trip for a couple staying at 5* hotels, enjoying local guided experiences and the train and transfer logistics taken care of is approximately 20,000€.  Of course, I’m always happy to give you insights on your specific trip.

If you’d like to take the next step, fill out a trip inquiry form here.  If you’d like to look up specific hotels around the world, I suggest you go to my Virtuoso page here.  Through that link, if you find a hotel you like, you can book it on your own with the extra perks and I’ll receive an email so I know to send a VIP letter on your behalf to the hotel.













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