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Have you been watching the women’s World Cup? The USA’s loss to Sweden was heartbreaking! But the excitement that surrounds sporting events on the world stage is so palpable that it makes me want to be there!

There are so many sporting events coming up – Rugby World Cup in Paris and the Ryder Cup in Rome in September, the Olympics in Paris next summer, the first F1 race in Las Vegas in November and the usual annual events of the US Open, Monaco Grand Prix, the Masters etc. Each of these is a great reason to plan a trip around!

It made me reminisce about our family sabbatical in Madrid where we went to a lot of Real Madrid games. It was an exciting year to be there – they won the Champions League. And because Spanish fans are so passionate, even though the game wasn’t in Madrid, the 80,000+ seat stadium was full of people, including us, watching the game on Jumbotrons. It was so exciting! As was the parade that winded through the city when the team returned home. There is nothing like futbol in Europe!

Now, on to why I’m impressed this week…

Because you are planning ahead.

Based on the way the world has been for the last year+, we’ve felt the strong demand for travel destinations in coveted locations. Places fully selling out well in advance, prices high and availability for guides, drivers and rental cars minimal as travel dates approach.

Which is what inspired my advice in a recent newsletter…

Friends don’t let friends wait until January to plan their summer vacations.

By then it will be too late to get the best of everything. And I want you to have the best of everything.

Many of you have been listening! In the last few weeks we have been planning your summer vacations to Europe and Africa, two destinations that are peak peak season in the summer. And because of that, you are getting everything that is perfect for you! The hotels, the lodges, the experiences, the guides etc. I LOVE that!

I wanted to highlight a recent real world example of the difference between planning ahead and waiting until closer to the date. A version of this has happened many times…


You want to plan a trip 2-4 months in advance during peak season or at a peak time:

I seek availability for your hotels in Italy – Lake Como, Florence, Amalfi Coast and share it with you.

What happens?

Before you make your decision, the last room is taken at your top choice in Lake Como, the price of the room in Florence went up overnight (because many hotels now do dynamic pricing similar to airlines) and the room you wanted in Venice was taken, so now only a larger, higher priced suite is available.


You are planning next summer’s trip right now.

I seek availability for the hotels that are a perfect fit for you and you get exactly what you want in the exact room you want at the best price available.

Which would you rather have?

I’ve thought about how best to make this memorable and I have an idea….

Remember Mad Libs from your childhood? Perhaps you even purchased some when your kids were young (I did!). Super nostalgic (tip: these are great to purchase for long flights with kids).

Pick one of these nouns…

summer, spring, winter, holiday, MLK day, president’s week.

Then fill in the blanks below…

I think you get the picture.

Is it like this for EVERY destination all of the time?

In reality, no it’s not.

But in coveted locations during peak season it’s highly recommended, and it’s an easy way to remember to get on top of it, rather than being stuck with the dreaded feeling of knowing you are behind and the best places will be booked.

And it is also true that in some places a year is not enough time. For example Galapagos or Antarctica expedition ships over Christmas/New Years timeframe. Those should be booked further out. Safaris are ideally best to be booked over a year in advance because many of my favorite lodges only have 4-8 rooms.

So put a date in your calendar and turn your dream adventure into a real adventure. You will be happy you did!
This week’s Highlight was inspired by both my cross country drive last week and a client itinerary I’m working on in Italy right now. Fast cars. There’s no need to buy a Ferarri F8 Spyder, a MacLaren 720S or an Aston Marton Volante. You can rent one for a few hours to drive around beautiful Lake Como, through picturesque Tuscany or in many other destinations. It is a super fun way to inject a bit of adrenaline and excitement into your trip!

This week’s Hot New Hotel Opening is the historic aristocratic palace, the Grand Hotel Son Net in Mallorca. The hotel is spectacular and if you’ve never been to Mallorca, you will want to put it on your list.

Learn to make paella in the home of a local chef, hike with donkeys through the hills that inspired Miró, explore the markets, rent a cherry red Vespa or spend the afternoon on your private yacht (small or large) that takes you to the most sought after, perched on a cliff, open air restaurant on the island.

Read articles below for inspiration on The World’s 5 Most Expensive Extreme Travel Experiences, wine restaurants, rail journeys and the best resorts in the Maldives.

Below you will also see articles on the newest travel scam, the Acropolis’ plans to limit visitors and the E.U.’s new entry requirement (no, it’s not a visa but it is relevant).

Enjoy your week!


  • This week’s highlight – driving a supercar
  • Hot New Hotel Opening – Grand Hotel Son Net in Mallorca
  • Inspiration + Information


After my cross country road trip on long stretches of flat highway and curvy mountain roads, I had cars on my mind. I personally love to be driving on the open road on a beautiful day, with the windows down and music up!

One way to add a bit of flair, fun and zest to your vacation is to rent a sports car. There are lots of options, depending upon what your dream car is. Consider:

Aston Martin DB11 Volante
Audi A5 Cabriolet
Ferrari 812 Superfast
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster
McLaren 720S
model X Tesla
Porsche 718 Spyder RS
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
(see many options below)

Red, black, white, green, yellow? So many colors to choose from!


Europe is a natural choice…
The rolling hills of Tuscany, the switchbacks of Norway, the autobahn in Germany.

Add in a stop for lunch at an outdoor cafe or a picnic in a vineyard and you have the perfect day!

There are many options to make this be the best fit for you:

  • drive yourself or have someone drive for you
  • take it out for a few hours just to explore or use it as your transfer from one place to another
  • drive it on the open road or test yourself on a racetrack

Most of these cars don’t have enough room for your luggage so we’ll take care of that for you.

Consider planning an epic birthday party and renting a villa in the countryside with a fleet of supercars for you and your friends. Creating a peak moment that will be an experience no one will ever forget!

I work with partners all over the world who have every type of the latest models or classic vintage cars available.

Unconventional transportation is a favorite of mine to add to an itinerary and this is a fun option! Channel your inner James Bond while taking one of these cars for a spin!

?In May, Grand Hotel Son Net opened in Mallorca after a two-year restoration of an historic palace.

Why visit Grand Hotel Son Net?

  • A 17th century Mallorcan Palace that was one of the most prestigious residential estates on the island, the restoration maintained the character and charm of a private manor house. The palace feels more like a private home than a hotel.
  • All rooms and suites have elements of the mansion’s 1672 features. Rustic wooden beams, large antique fireplaces, mosaic floors and marble bathrooms have been preserved and integrated with the latest technology and modern comforts. Stay in the main manor house or a cottage just a five minute walk away, all have mountain views from a terrace or garden and some have their own pool.
  • Ideally located on top of a hill overlooking the picturesque village of Puigpunyent, in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains and only a 15 minute drive to Palma oldtown.
  • Enjoy wine tasting in the private vineyard with the sommelier, multiple pools with private cabanas, and the soon to open, spa & wellness center.
  • Hike or bike right from the property in the Tramuntana Mountains. The hike up to the Galatzó, known as the magic mountain of the island, boasts 360 degree views of the whole island. It is a must!
  • From fine dining at Mar & Duix, offering sophisticated ambience, to the Gazebo restaurant for a relaxed lunch to the Green Bar, serving tapas and cocktails, authentic Mallorcan cuisine is offered at each restaurant.

Of course it comes with the usual perks and VIP treatment when booking your stay through Truvay Travel.

? Grand Hotel Son Net

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