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In the northern half of the US, we are deep into fall. Cooler temps, damp weather, red, orange and yellow leaves, football and soccer games – watching kids on the fields or favorite teams on tv.

It’s one of my favorite times of year to be in NH (and to visit New England) and as soon as the leaves drop it’s also a great time to have a getaway because in many other areas of the US and world it’s the shoulder season.

I’m taking advantage of this timing and on my way to Greece today. Follow the Truvay Travel instagram page where I’ll be sharing my favorite finds. We also had clients in Greece last week enjoying one of the major benefits of shoulder season – fewer crowds. That holds true this year, but surprisingly not as much as it used to – some of the smaller hotels are completely sold out.

Other benefits – more temperate weather (no visits to the Acropolis in 100 degree temps), easier to get in restaurants, more relaxing transportation via ferry or planes and often lower prices.

There are some drawbacks to off-season too. A few restaurants and hotels close up earlier than others, so it’s important to know what kind of vibe you are seeking and select the right destination. And flights and ferry schedules are usually reduced, giving you fewer options (another reason to plan ahead).

In addition to Greece, we have clients all over Italy enjoying similarly less crowded places and idyllic weather. But again, surprisingly hotels in Venice, Florence and Lake Como are still selling out.

Other clients just returned from a third visit to the all inclusive Blackberry Farm. They went with three couples and enjoyed hiking, wine tasting, clay skeet shooting, spa treatments and the food. A bit of her feedback… “The food is part of the reason why you go to Blackberry Farm. The food is out of this world. Be prepared to gain 5 pounds! It is decadent!”

She also mentioned… “We think BBF would be great any time of year. October is their busiest month. September is busy too. We all said we’d love to go back in the winter too. It would be beautiful.”

TIP: Blackberry Farm and Mountain book up well in advance, as do their activities. As soon as you have your room booked, book your activities and spa treatments. If Blackberry is full for your dates, there are other similar places (but not exactly), so if you want to explore other options, reach out.

More details on Blackberry Farm below in this week’s Where to Next?.

I’m heartbroken about what is happening in Israel this week. There are no words to express the sadness and senselessness.

I’m grateful to not have any clients in the country, and my heart goes out to their people and all of you who may have loved ones there.

I’ve fielded a few questions from friends and clients who know someone there who is trying to get home. I’ve been following the airport status closely and El Al has continued to fly. I’m sure that is a nervous proposition for any traveler.

The other advice I give is for the future. For certain types of trips, getting coverage through a company like Global Rescue, is the best group I know of to handle situations like this. They are experts in extraction – from the top of Everest to natural disasters all over the world. They are staffed by veteran Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescue, Defense Intelligence Agency Analysts, paramedics and physicians. I’ve personally contracted with them before, but thankfully did not need to leverage their expertise. File their name away for your next big adventure.

This week’s inspiring articles include the 17 best places to visit in November, how Japan became the hottest honeymoon destination, James Bond destinations, the most anticipated luxury hotel openings for 2024, a father-daughter cruise to the Galápagos and exploring Guernsey through the eyes and art of Renoir.

The informational articles include Michelin Guide’s new hotel rating system, passport wait times are getting shorter and whether you really need to buy rental car insurance.




  • This week’s highlight – Carnaval
  • Where to Next? Blackberry Farm
  • Articles to Inspire+Inform


Peru is known for their high end gastronomic scene. Restaurants like Central and Maito have topped the world’s best restaurants lists for years. It’s not a surprise that creative cocktail bars have also been born.

Carnaval is just one of them, and it is on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars. It’s obvious from the pictures that creativity and color are a big part of what they are known for.

What else is unique about them?

“We believe that ice is the soul of our cocktails, and this is where the magic begins.”

Raúl Arcayo, better known as “R”, works in the Ice Room with a team of Ice Chefs that create the ice pieces that accompany each Carnival cocktail. They use drills, table saws, chisels and chainsaws! Although some of their drinks have familiar names, like White Russian, Screwdriver and Pisco Punch, their presentation is anything but typical.

If you are planning a trip to Peru, elevate your adventure with a dinner at one of these special restaurants and cocktails at Carnaval. If you haven’t already read my article, Madly in Love with Peru, check it out. Peru is a place that you must get to in your life. And as you can see there is so much more than it’s crown jewel, Machu Picchu.

Check out Carnaval’s instagram for more beautiful creative cocktails.

Click on the photo below and scroll down a few rows to see how this beautiful Pisco Punch is created.

? Carnaval

? Our clients recently traveled to Tennessee to spend a long weekend with friends. They stayed at Blackberry Farm, a Relais & Châteaux property that describes itself as a place of “breathtaking scenery, decadent cuisine and pleasurable pastimes.”

Why is Blackberry Farm so special?

  • Spread over 4,200 acres in the Great Smokey Mountains, the property is a haven from everyday life. You will find peace and tranquility and slip into a “Blackberry state of mind.”
  • Choose from estate rooms in the guest house to cottages to chalets, each with different views and locations on the farm.
  • Enjoy the James Beard Award-winning restaurant, The Barn, serving locally harvested food, some from right on the farm. Enjoy Foothills Cuisine, an abundant wine cellar and 300 whiskies and brandies, many that are exclusive to Blackberry Farm.

Do as much or as little as you like:

  • Stay active while horseback riding, cycling, fly fishing, paddle boarding, hiking or keeping up on your Peloton routine.
  • Relax with a deep tissue muscle recovery massage or an Appalachian body purification treatment. Swim at the family pool or lounge by the adults only pool.
  • The property is family friendly and offers Camp Blackberry with 4-hour sessions for children. It’s one of the best kids’ programs available and includes scavenger hunts, painting, foraging, farmstead exploration, arts and crafts, canoeing, fishing and more. They also offer family adventure experiences including navigation, archery, geocaching, farming and wildlife treks.

‼️ Don’t miss……ask to borrow a Lexus to drive over to Blackberry Mountain and check it out for consideration for a future stay.

When booking your stay through Truvay Travel you get VIP treatment and 5% off your room rate, which adds up quickly at their rates.

? Blackberry Farm

Reach out to plan your trip to


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(If you aren’t able to access an NYT or Washington Post article, send me a note and I’ll send it to you in a PDF.)

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