Hello Traveler,

We are sitting on the terrace of our refugio in Patagonia in tank tops basking in the heat of the sun pounding down from above.

It’s 4pm. My friend, KJ, our guide, Andrea, and I are at our last refugio. Yesterday we finished all the big hikes of the W Trek, including 11.5 hours on day 3 with full packs that ended with me silently trailing from behind for the last couple of miles. That was a tough one. But we picnicked in front of the Paine Grande Mountain watching avalanches at lunch. So I’d say it was worth it. With one good night’s sleep I was back to 100%! It’s all been as incredible as I’d hoped.

This morning we took a rib boat to Grey Glaciar to go ice hiking. This afternoon we were supposed to kayak near (but at a safe distance from) the glacier but in Patagonia the weather dictates your day and it was too windy.

We’ve met so many interesting people from all over the world…

  • A group of men celebrating their retirement
  • People on sabbatical-for a month up to six months
  • Father and son, mom and son, father and daughter (no moms and daughters)
  • College friends from Georgetown who just finished up a semester in Buenos Aires
  • Solo travelers (just a few)
  • Groups of friends
  • Couples
  • People from Canada, Germany, Spain, Chile, Cyprus, UK, Israel, Iran, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and of course Americans.

Tomorrow we hike to the hanging bridges overlooking the glacier then take a catamaran to return to the real world.

Our real world is a bit suspended. Four days of luxury lodges and site visits with many more adventures to come. Thanks to KJ for her patience while I squeeze in all the work!

I’m sharing a few pictures of our adventures below. I look forward to sharing more when we are home.

Patagonia is a perfect destination if you love being outdoors, active, and/or love delicious wine and food and spa treatments (mine will be happening soon!). You can spoil yourself in the luxury lodges or challenge yourself on a multi day trek. Or do what we did – combine both! But always with the challenging part first and then reward yourself with the luxury last!

Reminder – this week’s newsletter is abbreviated. Thank you to my assistant Michelle for taking my texts and turning them into a newsletter since I’m without a computer!

Enjoy your week!







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