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Dear Traveler,

Earlier this week I received this message from my partner in Australia…

‘There is a tropical low in the central Coral Sea that will become a tropical cyclone (soon to be named Kirrily) in the next 24 hours. The low is forecast to begin moving to the southwest later today (Monday 22 January) and towards eastern Queensland. It is expected to cross the mainland on Thursday (25 January) which will impact the regions of Mission Beach, Townsville, Airlie Beach and The Whitsunday Islands. 

We will send you updates as this weather system develops and…work with you to help all clients who could be affected by this weather event to make alternative plans where necessary. Their safety is our first priority. 

We have a 24-hour live emergency contact phone number…”

It’s peak season in Australia, and although I don’t have any clients there at the moment, I so appreciate that if I did, I would be on top of this weather event to help navigate any disruptions and alter their trip so that they are impacted as little as possible and their trip ends up potentially even better than originally planned.

Between cyclones, floods, hurricanes, fires, strikes and declarations of emergency like what’s going on in Ecuador right now (see article below), there are a range of happenings that have the potential to derail your trip.

But when you are working with an experienced travel advisor, know that you have someone staying on top of these events and looking out for you before and during your trip. It’s one of the intangible benefits you get when working with an expert.

“How you spend your days is how you spend your life.” – Annie Dillard

I was reminded of this quote reading one of the articles below. It inspired me pause for a moment and reflect. It is the busiest season in the travel industry and I’m spending my days working a lot. Normally I’d also be traveling and have many trips on my calendar for the next six months. But with my final season of high school hockey to watch, I’m here more than usual. And that has turned out to be a very good thing!

I’m taking walks with friends, co-hosting dinner for the 20+ player high school boys’ hockey team, playing pickleball, bundling up for snowshoeing and walks in the woods with Tigger, reading books by the fire, going out to dinner, chairing the casino room of our high school’s all night graduation party, partaking in trivia night and spending hours in the car driving to hockey games (made more fun with Jason and friends in the car). I love having space for those experiences in my life.

Often I plan travels so far in advance that when more last minute things pop up, I can’t do them. But because I have a fairly open calendar I can attend… an event I was recently invited to in Chicago (my home town that I love!), the mom’s weekend of my daughter’s just-pledged sorority and the Kentucky Derby!

I’ve never been to the Derby so when the invitation came for Jason and I we were all in! If you have any suggestions on where to find an appropriate hat, please let me know! Lots of pressure as I expect this will be my one and only visit to the Derby.

What about you? Are your most recent days reflective of how you want to spend your life? Are you working long hours in a place with grey skies and short daylight hours? Are you enjoying fun times with your friends and family? Are you being active and getting outdoors?

Is there something out there that you are dreaming of doing?

It’s still January, and I consider that entire month to be the beginning of a brand new year. Think about what might be missing in your life and intentionally add it into your calendar. It takes deliberate effort to make sure there is balance but it is so worth it!

There are so many great articles this week!

The inspiring articles include the best wellness retreats for active travelers, the top nine ‘must-have’ travel experiences of 2024 according to luxury advisors, six insanely luxurious ski adventures in ultra exclusive locales, one author’s perspective on picking a mountain town to move to (one of my dreams!), what it’s like to stay at an Argentine gaucho ranch, how to plan the ultimate hiking adventure in New Zealand and going beyond the big five in rural Kenya.

The informational articles include 11 things I wish I’d known before traveling to Antarctica, a hack for upgrading your coach seat to business class at a discount, friends joining on couples’ honeymoons (called a buddy moon?!?), why everyone is going on adventure vacations this year (yes!), and NatGeo’s 13 biggest food trends for 2024.

Stay warm and enjoy your week!



  • This week’s highlight – The Seafood Shack in Ullapool, Scotland
  • Where to Next? Kenoa Resort
  • Articles to Inspire+Inforn


Northern Scotland, known for its fresh seafood, is the perfect location for The Seafood Shack. The owners, Kirsty and Fenella, in their mid-20’s had a desire to create something related to their local seafood, but were daunted by the idea of a full restaurant, so they created a seafood “trailer”.

It allows them to cook all summer looking at the mountains on the other side of the loch, enjoy meeting new and seeing old customers and most importantly have fun!

They have family in the fishing industry, but it’s their passion, quality and joy that has brought them a bunch of awards. Mussels, shrimp, oysters, lobster – so many delicious options right from the sea!

“Each morning the fishermen drop off their catch of the day and we create a menu depending on what we have in. This not only keeps the customers on their toes but it keeps us on ours!”

With that philosophy the chalkboard menu and daily instagram and Facebook posts are the only way to keep up with what’s on offer each day.

Condé Nast Travel had this to say… “The shack’s two young founders Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick, are shaking up the sleepy Highlands fishing town of Ullapool. Locally sourced seafood, some of which comes directly from Kirsty’s partner’s boat, means the menu changes daily, with the recipes so popular that the duo now have a cookbook to their name. You might find hot garlic crab claws with crunchy bread, cullen skink soup or a tempura-haddock wrap with lemon-pesto mayo. Eat at the outdoor tables or take your hot parcels down to the harbourside and look out over Loch Broom as the ferries come and go to Stornoway.”

Here you can order their recipe book. They open in April each year, and I’d expect it still to be quite chilly that early in the season. Better to wait a bit longer.

? The Seafood Shack

While you are in Scotland, what else can you do nearby to round out your trip?


  • Glen Affric, considered the most beautiful valley in Scotland
  • Gorgeous gardens
  • Wilderness reserves
  • Battlefields, ancient monuments and historic castles
  • Pubs
  • Whiskey distilleries
  • Loch Ness!

Stay at:

  • Castles perched on cliffs overlooking the sea
  • Farmhouses converted to boutique hotels
  • Historic lodges with whisky snugs

Be active:

Other ideas:

  • Falconry lessons
  • Visit a ferret school
  • Go clay pigeon shooting
  • Go on a Highland safari

Scotland is an ideal destination for a summer getaway – with just adults, your kids or a multigenerational trip!

?Our clients, a multigenerational family of 6, spent two weeks exploring Argentina and Brazil last month. Their favorite hotel during their stay was Kenoa Resort in Barra de São Miguel, Brazil.  When reflecting on their trip, they shared Kenoa was “everyone’s most favorite beginning to end experience.”

Why is Kenoa Resort so special?

  • The resort, surrounded by the sea and a native Atlantic Forest is small and exclusive. The accommodations each have unique details that inspire the senses – aroma, touch, sound or the feeling of tranquility.
  • With almost 100 employees for just 23 accommodations, the team loves to do the best possible for guests and has a very high standard of service. Our clients noted that the staff were attentive and did their absolute best to take care of any of their desires.
  • The food is exceptional! Chef César Santos, renowned as one of the finest chefs in Brazil is at the helm at Kaamo, the restaurant in the central area of the resort with views of the sea.  A favorite dish is the Kaamo Cataplana, prepared with seafood and served with the Kaamo Secret, a signature cocktail made with gin, kiwi liquor, pepper, passion fruit juice and lemons.

Do as much or as little as you like:

  • Take a captained speedboat ride to explore Barra de Sao Miguel, lagoons, mangroves, islands, deserted beaches and coral reefs.
  • Go hiking, diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing or horseback riding.
  • A complimentary massage is scheduled for you during your stay.
  • Make sure to venture outside at night and look at the sky – the clarity of the stars is breathtaking!

‼️Don’t miss…… the Kenoa oyster experience, where you are taken by canoe to visit an oyster nursery in the middle of a lagoon.  Explore mangroves, the village surrounding the lagoon and have an oyster tasting right on the water.

? Kenoa Resort

Reach out to plan your trip to


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(If you aren’t able to access an NYT or Washington Post article, send me a note and I’ll send it to you in a PDF.)

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