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Hello Traveler,


My cellphone notification chimed. I glance at my phone and read the text. An unexpected surprise.

My flight en route to Spain on Friday was just cancelled.


Next a call with my flight experts. Germany is under the threat of strikes.

Europeans strike much more frequently than Americans. They are used to it. I will never get used to how much it can disrupt travel. And the threat of strikes are even more frequent and equally disruptive.

There is no easy solution because my situation is complicated.

It’s now Wednesday morning and my son’s ice hockey team is playing in the NH state semi finals tonight. Against the #1 seed. If we win, then I would cancel my rebooked Friday flight anyway and book a late Saturday flight.

If we don’t win, then I can still fly out Friday. However the only flight that gets me to Bilbao on time (arriving for my 2p Saturday meeting) is the one that was cancelled. So now I may have to go Thursday and spend an extra night somewhere in Europe.

Rebooking on Lufthansa is too much of a risk. I want to stay far away from Germany.

I’m grateful I have the experts evaluating options for me.

In contrast, one of my colleague’s clients booked a Lufthansa flight on his own for this weekend. After it was cancelled he tried calling the Lufthansa number to change his flight.

No one answered.

The best advice for that – go to the airport and try to get a new flight. Given I live 2+ hours from the airport – I am even more grateful to not be in that position.

I have the flight team on standby waiting for my call tonight. I created a decision tree so that after the game I will know exactly what to do.


There is still some uncertainty of Saturday’s game time, but I know there is an 11:20p flight, so worst case scenario I will take that one. It will not be inexpensive.

Does that situation sound familiar?

Maybe not exactly. But we all have our own versions of complicated.

Life can be complicated.

When you are planning travel, working with an expert gives you insights into how to solve problems that you may have before planning (kids’ schedules, uncertain school end dates, unknown work commitments, how to please family members with drastically different interests) or that come up after your trip is booked.

Planning travel may not be rocket science, but it can still be complicated. I deal with those things all of the time and I’m here for you to help you figure them all out.

If you’ve never worked with an advisor before, you may wonder how a trip might be different than when you plan it on your own. There are so many ways!

Aside from helping you solve seemingly complex problems, the best travel advisors also add richness to your trip.

Some of my favorite ways to help you:

  1. Introducing you to an experience and/or a guide that you would never have found on your own

  2. When you are open to pushing outside of your comfort zone a bit – considering a new experience like a via ferrata, taking unconventional transportation to give you a completely different perspective or trying a trendy boutique hotel instead of a well known brand

  3. Spending time talking with you to learn everything I can about what you and your fellow travelers – family or friends with different interests or ages – love and ensuring everyone is set up to LOVE their trip!

  4. Planning contrasts. Some examples: Experiences – some fun, active and adventurous, others quiet, relaxing and restful. Culinary – tasting traditional foods at a street market, taking a cooking class with a local chef and dining in a Michelin star restaurant. Transportation – a VIP meet and greet at the airport to an awaiting Mercedes taking you to your hotel and an afternoon on a RIB boat on the River Thames.

  5. Figuring out challenging logistics

In today’s edition of Where to Next I am including an experience “ripped from the pages” of an itinerary I designed. I will periodically include these experiences from all over the world for you to get a glimpse into possibilities.

Today’s is an exclusive experience my clients did in Madrid, one of my absolute favorite cities. Check out the details below.

Last week’s most popular article was The Best Spring Break Destinations for Families. I hope you have your spring break planned already! Consider these ideas for 2025.

The inspiring articles include the rise of the do-nothing vacation (I am definitely seeing this – travelers are wanting more down time for relaxing) and unforgettable hiking experiences around the world (being outside is a big contributor to happiness and wellbeing!).

The informational articles include 17 travel packing tips from frequent travelers (I already do some of these, and there were some new good ones), the not-traveler-friendly changes to carryon and checked bag rules taking over airlines, Strava for Dogs! (my daughter can’t wait to try this!) and how Europe’s biggest cities are tackling overtourism.

Hopefully I’m off to Spain this weekend and will enjoy more spring like temperatures than NH. But I know spring is coming! Stay warm and enjoy your week! And GO Hanover Bears!





  • This week’s Experience Highlight – private lifestyle & shopping day in Madrid
  • Where to Next? Hotel Tyrol
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This is a first in our series highlighting experiences
“ripped from the pages”
of one of my client’s itineraries.

Context: A family with son in 20’s wanting to experience the contemporary culture and lifestyle of Madrid like a local.

?? Shopping in Madrid … where does one start?!

Get under the skin of this vibrant city with a focus on introducing you to some of the city’s most lively neighborhoods. Meet fascinating local experts from the worlds of fashion, design, art, and gastronomy, and enjoy behind the scenes access to their galleries, ateliers, showrooms, kitchens and more.

Throughout the morning you’ll drop into various cultural hotspots and authentic hidden treasures that we feel embody the essence of Madrid, and which only your host has the keys to! These may include a visit to Madrid’s leading fashion designers, the secret underground speakeasy of an innocuous pop-up shop, the workshop of some of the city’s most creative ceramicists and jewelers and the city’s best kept secrets.

Your guide, we may as well call him your friend, is a lifestyle insider. His studies and work have opened many doors for him working with brand development with famous designers such as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Lupo. He contributes to Spain’s most important fashion and lifestyle magazines, TV and radio stations. His features are always linked to trends in lifestyle, fashion and grooming. The articles in GQ, Elle & Cosmopolitan tend to be syndicated for their international editions in Brazil, Mexico and Australia. He is incredibly well-connected and ideally positioned to enable you to enjoy Madrid in a totally unique way.

Together you will experience the city in a much more personal way, discovering Madrid and its locals in a way that very few visitors ever get to enjoy. The tour is totally customized to your interests, so we will ask what your passions and interests are, and the day will be set up to cater to your preferences. By the time you finish your insiders stroll, you’ll feel like an honorary Madrileño!

? Toni Pons

? Loewe

? Bimba y Lola

What I love ? about this experience:

  • Your lifestyle insider’s shopping knowledge spans a wide spectrum – he can easily take your teens thrifting in Malasaña, take you to the luxury boutiques and everything in between!
  • You will fall in love with Madrid even more when you see it from a local’s perspective. When your day is over you just may want to move to this incredible city!
  • My clients LOVED him so much that they said they expect to be friends for life.


?Our clients are getting ready for their spring break trip to Italy. Their chosen destinations? Two days in Venice, guided by my absolute favorite guy in the city – a local with deep connections and vast knowledge of the history. It is a perfect combination of history/art/architecture and contemporary life – trendy cafes and the best spots for cichetti (“Venetian tapas”).

After Venice they are off to do some epic skiing in the Dolomites. Since I was just there with my family last summer, I have shared our family’s favorite refugios for lunch and must-try dishes.

In the Dolomites they will be staying at the beautiful, authentic Hotel Tyrol.

Why is Hotel Tyrol so special?

  • Family run by Bibiana and Maurizio, you will feel at home during your entire stay. They pride themselves on providing extra special experiences and small but unforgettable touches.
  • It’s the perfect size for a ski hotel – with just 50 rooms. Big enough for expected amenities and small enough to feel comfy.
  • The rooms, with designs inspired by the region, have large windows and include balconies or direct access to the garden and panoramic views of the Dolomites.
  • Choose a five or six course tasting experience at the hotel’s Michelin Star restaurant, Suinsom (it means on the summit).  You’ll enjoy an intimate, cozy dinner under low lighting, surrounded by ancient wooden panelling, family heirlooms, period lampshades and velvet upholstery.

Do as much or as little as you like:

  • In the winter go skiing or boarding around Val Gardena. Looking for an even better workout? Try skinning up the mountain first. Stop for an aperitif at one of the local rifugios.  Not a downhill skier? You will find beautiful hills for snowshoeing, sledding or cross-country skiing.  Or consider ascending the mountain on the historic Dantercepies cable car to try out fat biking (can be done by kids too).
  • Take a toboggan or sleigh ride by the light of the moon.
  • In the summer – get outside and paraglide, bike, scale a via ferrata and zip line. Take a cable car, then hike to Lake Crespeina.  There are literally 1000’s of hikes to choose from in the Dolomites.
  • After your outdoor adventures, head to the Paravis spa to lounge in the pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and Turkish baths. Or, enjoy a massage and the salt cave.
  • For a truly over the top adventure, take flight in a helicopter to see the UNESCO protected mountains from above. We did this twice last summer and it was breathtaking!

‼️ Don’t miss…… skiing with a champion. Learn and ski with Peter Ranggaldier “Runghi”, winner of a silver medal and super-G World Cup. A ski instructor and private guide, he teaches the secrets of fast skiing on the Sellaronda.

? Hotel Tyrol

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