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Dear Traveler,

How curious of a person are you?

Do you get curious about something in particular? Other people? Cultures? Life in general?

I do. I’m quite curious about almost everything. Which is one of the reasons I love to travel so much. Learning about art, food, history, religion, contemporary culture, politics, artisans, sports, how people live their lives and so much more. The opportunities to learn and engage are unlimited.

But when I’m not traveling, I like find other ways to satisfy my curiosity – reading, meeting new people, taking classes.

Today I start a new endeavor. It’s my first day auditing a Dartmouth class – Introduction to the Middle East. It’s a fascinating syllabus – covering the birth of Islam to Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt to the Iranian revolution to the Arab Spring to the recent war. It is a part of the world I do not know much about and I’m looking forward to absorbing so much information.

I imagine this new knowledge may inspire me to want to plan a trip. Clearly there are some countries we can’t visit at the moment, but so many others with rich cultures to experience and fascinating people to meet.

Next up: I’ve signed up for a latte making class.

How about you? When you’re home what do you do to satisfy your curiosity? Is there an element of your interests that you can bring into your next adventure?

Perhaps you love to be creative?

Take a Japanese ink painting class in Tokyo, an art restoration workshop in Spain, a mosaic class in Portugal or a watercolor painting class in Provence.

Do you love to cook?

Learn to make empanadas in Buenos Aires, croissants in Paris, pad Thai in Bangkok, spanakopita from a Greek grandmother, paella in Mallorca, Vietnamese cuisine at La Mirande in Provence. Or master the art of beekeeping or take a multi-day professional course from a Michelin star chef in London.
(I still make the paella recipe I learned while in Spain years ago)

Do you want to improve your well-being?

Take a class in meditation, yoga, sleep, mindfulness or journaling.

So many options! Including many in your own town.

In other news, the annual Gemini Boat Race is this Saturday. It is the fiercely fought race between Cambridge and Oxford from Putney Embankment to Chiswick Bridge on the River Thames. If you enjoy sports competitions with enthusiastic fans, this is one to travel for in future years.

I recommend you find a great spot to watch it, preferably with a large outdoor space like Duke’s Head pub. You’ll be surrounded by well-heeled, spirited locals. Or if you are looking for a more refined experience, Putney’s London Rowing Club is throwing a VIP party – blazer required.

The energy will be infectious!

This week’s inspirational articles include insider itineraries according to luxury hotel concierges, how to visit the Prosecco wine region, a hiker’s dream destination and the best places to learn to sail around the world.

The informational articles include how to enjoy a trip with the whole family – from grandparents to kids, an answer to “do I have to pay an international parking ticket?” and the travel issues surrounding the upcoming solar eclipse.

Have a great week!



  • This week’s highlight – Wild Honey Inn
  • Hot New Hotel Opening – Warren Street Hotel
  • Inspiration + Information


? Wild Honey Inn

Pub food and Ireland naturally go together.

But what comes to mind when you think of pub food is likely a little less refined than what is on offer at Wild Honey Inn.

Wild Honey Inn is Ireland’s only Michelin star pub.

They locally source their cheese, shellfish, veggies and game and take that freshness and create magical meals. The use of ingredients at their peak allow the flavors to burst through on your plate.

While the chefs make magic in the kitchen, their well trained staff know exactly what the chefs are creating, how they make it and where the ingredients come from. Just ask to learn all about it.

Kate Sweeney, one of the owners said “We had the idea to open a dining pub with rooms. To serve the food we like to eat, and Aidan liked to cook. A cosy bar, log fires, great music, and relaxed surroundings. A place where the service is proper, whilst having a relaxed and unfussy feel, and what’s on your plate depends on the seasons.”

In looking over their menu I spied so many things I would enjoy…

Ribeye, lamb, pork cheeks, wild turbot, white asparagus, trompette mushrooms and a glass of Château de la Roche from France. I’d likely end with a desert of vanilla crème brûlée with green apple sorbet and hazelnut sablé.

One food critic said… they have “a complete absence of fuss and the cheffy vanities that less able and confident practitioners can’t resist.”

In 2018 they were awarded their first Michelin Star and have retained this accolade every year since.

Note: I won’t be bringing our daughter here because unfortunately they do not have a vegetarian menu.

Wild Honey Inn is ideally located on the edge of The Burren, a picturesque area and a rocky landscape with a history and geology going back millions of years. Read on below about what else to do while there.

While you are in the Burren there are so many adventures to have nearby…

  • Hike along the Cliffs of Moher (or see them from a different perspective by boat)
  • Play golf at Lahinch
  • Visit a special perfumery to see the fascinating process of how the wild flowers of the Burren are turned into perfume, creams and soaps
  • Drive the Wild Atlantic Way, one of Ireland’s greatest drives with stunning views at every turn
  • Partake in a Galway foodie tour: sampling breads, fresh-caught fish, savory bites, local gin, beer and chocolate

? Wild Honey Inn

Reach out to plan your visit to

?The Warren Street Hotel opened last month in New York City. This Firmdale property is located in the Tribeca neighborhood and has the signature touches of Kit Kemp, who founded Firmdale Hotels with her husband Tim almost 40 years ago.  I’ve been to their two other hotels in NYC and several in London and I LOVE the design and the vibe. The colors are vibrant, the style is so unique and you know you are somewhere special.

Why visit The Warren Street Hotel?

  • This beautiful hotel is a peaceful hideaway in bustling New York City and yet is still close to the classic restaurants and shopping in Soho.
  • The entire property is vibrant and whimsically decorated with Kit Kemp’s sense of fun and love of storytelling. Rooms are individually designed and several suites feature beautifully landscaped terraces and gardens with sparkling lights and ferns, cedars and pollinating plants that encourage wildlife.
  • Enjoy the relaxing drawing room, a Firmdale staple, after exploring the neighborhood and sights in New York City. Warren Street Bar & Restaurant offers seasonal dishes in a beautiful space with explosions of color and art.

Of course it comes with the usual perks and VIP treatment when booking your stay through Truvay Travel.



? Warren Street Hotel

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