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Do you ever feel like you want to get it all done, but it doesn’t actually fit in your day? That’s where I am this week. Maybe you can relate?

Coming off of last weekend’s crazy schedule with graduation, planning the all night senior party and Jason’s college reunion, I headed out of town Monday morning to Birmingham, Alabama for two days of meetings with colleagues (which I love!).

This morning I woke up to the news that a second landslide happened on the Amalfi Coast yesterday (there was one a couple of days ago). I have clients there now and this second one has taken out an important regional road that will impact getting to some of their experiences. It takes time to evaluate options and share recommendations, so with limited time to write today’s note is brief!

The Premier League schedule was just announced. Between that, the new Raffles hotel opening (see below), Taylor Swift and Wimbledon, there’s lots of reasons to visit the UK!

Last week’s most popular article was These Are the 5 Best Countries for Retiring Abroad.

This week’s inspirational articles include a Swiftie’s guide to London, day trips from Paris, everything you need to know about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the best weekend adventures in North America, why a 3-legged lion and his brother swam across a crocodile-filled river (it’s so interesting!) and others on Barcelona, Dubai, the Olympics, Tokyo, Thailand, Tahiti and Iceland.

The informational articles include online passport renewals, business class cabins ideal for traveling families, French etiquette rules, traveling during a heat wave and “dead-simple” tipping rules that work everywhere.

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  • This week’s highlight – Sardinia
  • Hot New Hotel Opening – Raffles London at The OWO
  • Inspiration + Information


I’m swinging gently in my hammock, watching the warm sun disappear over the distant mountains. As the day ends the magic of the evening begins to emerge. The night insects are quietly chirping and hundreds of tiny lights flicker like fireflies.

Candles and lanterns light up the night and the atmosphere exudes romance.

We are in Sardinia on a spectacular summer evening and right now there’s no place I’d rather be.

Sardinia is a striking island – the rocks are colored black from basalt, silver from granite, red from porphyry. The interior offers hiking, charming towns and roaming wild horses. The coast alternates between rocky cliffs and both sandy white and pebbled beaches.

Sardinia also had great historical and strategic importance. Its location 150 miles southwest of Rome explains why every Mediterranean power has controlled the island at one time or another—Romans, Phoenicians, Spaniards, Turks, even a pope.

The present day offers a laid-back atmosphere where wealthy Italians have been summering for years. It’s less known (and a lot less crowded) than Capri and the Amalfi Coast

Daytime highs in the 80s – perfect beach weather. And nighttime temps in the mid 60’s – ideal for sleeping with windows open.

There is so much to see and to do!

  • Wander local markets and historic villages dating from 700BC
  • Visit a shepherd’s house and if lucky you’ll see newly born baby goats
  • Visit Orgosolo, a village known for its murals. In the twentieth century, they painted stoney facades of the houses as an anarchist tool of communication
  • Explore archeological sites and Roman ruins
  • See and be seen at the Phi Beach club, dancing on the edge of the water late into the night
  • Go wine tasting
  • Kids and adults will enjoy the wildlife and animals – wild horses, flamingos, albino donkeys, seals, whales and dolphins
  • Trek the Selvaggio Blu, a route of connected ancient shepherds’ tracks
  • Other active adventures – surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, fishing, mountain climbing, sailing, reef diving, waterskiing, swimming in grottoes, abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking
  • Lounge on the powder-white beaches of the Costa Smeralda
  • Take an embroidery, mosaic or ceramics course
  • Take a cooking class to learn to make the fluffiest, lightest gnocchi (which you will replicate at home to reminisce about your trip!)
  • Sit down to a late night dinner tasting varieties of local pizza hot from the stone oven

Sardinia is considered a blue zone, an area that has a high density of centenarians, people who live beyond the age of a hundred. They have a natural way of living that creates a healthy, happy lifestyle. What could you learn from them?

A visit to Sardinia merits at least a week. Being on the water is a must, and if you particularly love it, chartering a catamaran or yacht to circle the island over two weeks to stop in the small coastal towns and coves is a fun idea.

The secret is getting out – new luxury hotels including Belmond and Rocco Forte are opening. The new properties, combined with the many boutique hotels (a favorite is Su Gologone Experience Hotel) and larger family friendly resorts, provide an array of options to find your perfect spot.

With just a one hour flight from Rome, Sardinia is easy to get to and I promise once you are there you will not want to leave!

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🌟 At the end of 2023, Raffles London at the OWO opened in the iconic Old War Office building in the heart of Whitehall.  The OWO building has a rich history, serving as headquarters of the British Army during both world wars. It was later acquired by a group that transformed it into a luxury hotel, blending historic charm with modern touches.

Why visit Raffles London?

  • Rooms are generous in size and with views of London’s iconic landmarks – Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall.
  • Enjoy culinary choices – nine restaurants and three bars, including three dining rooms by acclaimed culinary chef Mauro Colagreco.
  • Are you a movie fan?  The historic building was the inspiration for the James Bond series and was featured in several films, including Skyfall, License to Kill and No Time to Die.
  • The spacious and elegant Guerlain Spa has a 65-foot indoor swimming pool, a vitality pool, sauna and full suite of fitness facilities and programming.

Of course it comes with the usual perks and VIP treatment when booking your stay through Truvay Travel.

📷 Raffles London

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(If you aren’t able to access an NYT or Washington Post article, send me a note and I’ll send it to you in a PDF.)

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