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What does Truvay mean? How do I pronounce it?

To pronounce our name, think of “tru” in “truth” plus the “vay” in “vacation.” Truvay is a play on the French word trouvaille which can whimsically be translated to mean “a chance encounter with something wonderful.”

What do custom travel advisors do?

We plan your personalized vacation by connecting everything we know about you—your travel motivations, preferences, and desires—with our expert knowledge about destinations and travel experiences around the globe. Truvay strives to be your personal enchufe—the Spanish slang for “friend with connections.”

Why work with a custom travel advisor?

At Truvay Travel, we prioritize relationships. We invest time in getting to know you and your family – things like your interests, hobbies, adventure level, health & wellness routines and the pace you like to travel.  Our desire is developing a long-term relationship and over time we get to know you better and always have our eyes open for new experiences and destinations we know you will love.  We look out for you at all stages of your travel journey—from research and planning, to being your advocate if unexpected changes occur along the way.  Check out this recent Forbes article, This Is Why You Need A Travel Advisor For Your Post-Pandemic Vacation, where Mimi is quoted. 

How far in advance do I need to plan my vacation?

Like most things in life, it depends. Planning time and costs are highly variable and dependent on many factors. If you want to travel during non-peak times, last minute trips are easier to plan. If you want to travel during peak seasons-school breaks or summertime-then it’s best to begin thinking about it a year in advance. For the most popular places, beginning to think about the trip more than a year ahead is recommended.

We can book a hotel room with special perks on fairly short notice, while planning for longer trips with highly tailored itineraries can take between 20-50 hours of work spread out over weeks or months.

Why should I book with Truvay instead of doing it all myself?

We bring joy to the otherwise overwhelming work of planning travel and complicated trips are our favorite!  We save you time, allowing you to spend more time with those who matter most and give you peace of mind that all details have been taken care of. We also give you access to insider experiences, special VIP treatment and a truly tailored way to travel.

Can you help me rent an apartment through AirBnB?

We have access to rental apartments and villas throughout the world. We do not specifically work with AirBnB because their apartments are not vetted through one of our partners. We also offer many other unique accommodations like haciendas, castles, treehouses and ranches and we would be happy to help you find the best place for your trip.

What happens if my plans change after I book my trip?

It depends on the situation. We will always advise you of the cancellation policies and dates for your travel plans and recommend you keep them in mind as your travel gets closer. Our planning fees are non-refundable and other parts of your trip may also be non–refundable. For those amounts we recommend travel insurance. There are a lot of unknown and unpredictable factors and travel can be a big investment. Buying travel insurance can give you the peace of mind that if there are bumps before you travel, your investment is protected. We have a recommended travel insurance provider and will happily share the information so you can evaluate your options.

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