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My favorite downloadable maps that can be used without wifi.

U.S. Passport Application

As soon as you begin thinking of an international trip, it’s a good idea to check your and your kids’ passport expiration dates.  Remember kids’ passports are valid for only five years.

Many countries have additional rules:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled departure date from the country
  • At least 2 blank visa pages

How Many Passport Pages Do You Need To Travel?

Mobile Passport

The best free option to accelerate your arrival through US Customs and Border Protection.

Global Entry, TSA Precheck or NEXUS applications

Global Entry expedites your arrival through USCBP.  All members in your group must have it to go through the line. Note: Kids under 18 can get NEXUS free, which gives them Global Entry privileges.

U.S. State Department – Country Information

Visit this site for passport and visa requirements and embassy contact information for your destination(s).

Use eSIM while traveling internationally with your iPhone

Why would you want an eSIM while traveling internationally?  Most US domestic carriers offer international pay as you go plans.  However some of them restrict your data.  Using an eSIM card allows you to leverage a local plan where you are traveling which may include unlimited data.  Note: you would also have a new phone number while using an eSIM, but you can keep your WhatsApp number as your existing US cell phone number. 

The Jet Lag App

Enter your destination and flight details.  The app creates a personalized, hour-by-hour schedule starting a few days before departure until arrival. Prompts include when to have caffeine or and when not to, avoid light, experience sunshine, take a nap and go to bed and wake up.


“The authority on airport lounges worldwide.”

Airplane Seat Maps

This is the best airplane seat map application we have found.

Miles between Airports

If you want an approximate calculation of miles for your flight, go to Great Circle Mapper and type in the two airport codes, separated by a dash, then click Map.

CIBT Visas

This company can help you secure a visa for your destination.

U.S. State Department – Travel Advisories

Review the latest worldwide travel advisories from the State Department.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Enroll in STEP before you travel internationally to ensure the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate is aware you are visiting the country. This is a free service for all U.S. citizens that allows you to receive important information from the local Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country in real time and alerts them that you are on the ground in case an emergency occurs.

CDC Health Alerts

Review the Center for Disease Control recommended health precautions and warnings for travelers to international destinations.

CDC Destination List

Review your destinations to see if you need any vaccinations or should take any medications before/while visiting certain countries.  They also provide a Healthy Travel Packing List by country.


Source for lightweight, durable gear for a hiking or expedition trip.


Select Wisely has allergy cards in many different languages to carry with you.


WorldStandards provides a country-by-country list of plugs, sockets and voltages.


Here are two packing list apps that help get you organized for travel.

Packing Pro



List of local events and world festival calendar of events.  Find music, film, jazz or other festivals worldwide.


World Time Buddy allows you to see the time zone difference on specific dates, which is very helpful, especially during the periods where different countries adjust for daylight saving time on different dates.




AXUS is our app of choice for creating and sharing itineraries with our clients.  Everything is stored in one place – confirmations, restaurant recommendations, maps, destination information and reminders.


This is our go-to app for currency conversions. GOOGLE TRANSLATE Indispensable when you don’t know the language.  This app can translate individual words, full paragraphs, signs or even the spoken word.


The majority of the world outside of the US does not use texting to communicate.  WhatsApp is the app of choice for many countries because it is free.  It is a great way to communicate with people before, during and after your trip.


Viber lets you make calls over the internet to other mobile phones around the world – offering big savings if you need to make international calls on the road.


Downloadable maps that can be used without wifi. 


If you enjoy being active on your travels, these are two of our favorite apps. Alltrails is great for hiking routes and Map My Run for running or walking routes.


Flight Aware

Allows you to track flight status, departures, arrivals and airport delays.


Search for lounges with availability to buy day passes at airports worldwide.

Airport Delay Tracker

Helps travelers to check whether they can expect to encounter delays at specific airports.

Seat 61

Google for train lovers.  The site compares the routes, with everything from pricing data to the different amenities offered on each train.

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