EAST AFRICA is the perfect fit for you!

Made up of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, East Africa will bring you active adventures, authentic cultural experiences and massive quantities of game.


The Great Migration – includes 1.6 million animals that continuously migrate between Kenya and Tanzania. Wildebeests, zebras and to a lesser extent, gazelles and Eland make their continuous pilgrimage across the plains and through the treacherous river crossings in search of adequate grazing. These vast herds are unique to East Africa.

Time your visit right to see tens of thousands of baby wildebeest and zebras being born.

See the Big 5 (including black and white rhinos) plus hippos, cheetah, giraffe, zebra and warthogs.

Visit the Ngorongoro Crater to see large populations of lions, elephants and black rhinos.

Take a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara National Park or Serengeti National Park.

Experience the vibrant culture of the Samburu and Masai tribes.

Visit rescued baby elephants at the Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary (which we can privatize just for you if you want to have a more exclusive experience).

If having a giraffe eat out of your hand or from your breakfast plate is a must, with proper planning enjoy a stay at Giraffe Manor.

? Giraffe Manor

If you are active and a bit adventurous, but not up for the eight day hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, take advantage of doing a challenging but doable day hike on this legendary mountain.

For those interested in an epic hands-on conservation experience, the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) experience is a must. Join their CEO in a Robinson R44 helicopter and witness first hand the incredible work this organization does to protect the local elephant population.

Track MEP collared elephants and discover how helicopters are used in the protection of wildlife in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. Then stop at a remote ranger camp and meet the rangers who have dedicated their lives to this project, before landing at the MEP campus for a tour of the operational headquarters.




If you want a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the mountain gorillas, Kenya and Tanzania provide the easiest access to Rwanda or Uganda.

Undaunted by the early morning trek into the jungles in search of the gorilla families, you will learn about the habits and personalities of these incredible mammals!


Which to visit – Rwanda or Uganda?

Rwanda and Uganda both have access to the mountain gorillas but the experiences are quite different.


If you are looking for the most luxurious accommodations, Rwanda is your best bet. Since the gorillas move freely you never know in advance how long of a hike you will do to see them. And Rwanda has easier access than neighboring Uguanda to get to the gorillas.

If you’d like to see other primates on your trip, Rwanda also has Nyungwe National Park and Gishwati Mukura National Park where you can go chimpanzee or golden monkey trekking. You may also want to visit Akagera National Park to search for the Big Five.

If you are interested in the history of Rwanda, the capital of Kigali has a museum dedicated to learning about Rwanda’s past including the genocide that occurred in 1994.


If you like to be more off the beaten path and are ok with fewer luxuries, Uganda may be the best place for you. In addition to gorillas, there are opportunities to go chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale Forest and to go on traditional game drives to see the Big Five. For birders Uganda has a staggering 1,000 plus species for you to spot!

Uganda also offers active experiences like white water rafting on the Victoria Nile or hiking in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.


Did you know that the best safari lodges fill up over a year in advance during high season?
With some advanced planning, I’ll help you figure out the ideal lodge in the ideal place for you, and book it for you before it’s sold out.

Hi! I’m Mimi.
I’ve planned trips for active luxury travelers all over the world and I have a deep love for Africa.
I find joy in sending travelers like you to experience the beauty, the wildlife, the culture and the people of these incredible countries.

I know:

  • the most coveted lodges for different kinds of travelers (families with teens/20-somethings, families with small children, couples, honeymooners, groups of friends)
  • when you need to begin planning your trip to secure the ideal lodges for you
  • how the time of year you travel impacts your wildlife experience
  • how to structure your trip to minimize logistics and maximize time on safari
  • when it makes sense to take a commercial flight and when a private charter is the best option
  • which add-on destinations are perfect for your interests

A trip to Africa is not just about the trip – which of course is incredible!
It is about the people you meet, the awe-inspiring wildlife encounters and the moments you share with friends and family.

These are memories that will last a lifetime.

I leverage my personal experience, my professional knowledge and my trusted, on-the-ground partners to plan you the most perfect safari for you.
You don’t have to spend hours of time researching, or copying a friend’s itinerary that likely is different than what yours should be or stressing about anything before or during your trip.

I’ve got your back.

You will be met as you get off the plane, whisked through VIP immigration, have local guides who are great storytellers and be attended to throughout by my trusted partners.
But make no mistake, years ago I was exactly where you are today — I had a strong desire to go on safari, but I was overwhelmed with information, paralyzed with options and stuck in inaction.

That’s why I’m so happy you took this quiz. It shows that you are ready. Ready to take the first step to finally make that long awaited safari happen!

Your quiz results are designed to give you a hearty dose of inspiration and focus, all you have to do is follow-through.
Don’t worry, I’m here to support you so that you simply get to enjoy the process of planning and then dreaming of the date on your calendar when you take off for Africa.

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